Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finding Kirron Kher

With half an hour until Sudipto's private screening at 9pm, I showered, piled on makeup, put on a silk FabIndia shirt, jeans, and a pair of brand new Charles & Keiths. I had no idea where the others were, but I in no way intended to miss the screening.

Just as I put the finishing touches on my makeup, Mukesh, our handler, walks in and informs me that we would NOT be able to attend the screening. No big surprise given that his handling of affairs is usually disappointing.

This information was not going to stop me in the least. Several minutes after Mukesh left, Becky walks in and I inform her of my plan to crash the screening. She agrees to come on what I called "an adventure".


After 75 minutes of aggravation, confusion, riding about unknown places, and lots of shouting at our auto-driver, we never found the venue for Sudipto's screening. Becky and I decided to find a place where we could decompress so we repeated the words "Cinemax" as many times as possible to the driver. Predictably, we pass the Cinemax by a block and end up at City Mall where we saw a great hubbub out front. It was the premiere/red carpet walk for "Saas Bahu aur Sensex", including all the actors walking in and getting tons of attention from the media.

Becky and I spoke to a young Indian woman who was associated with the opening and had tickets in her hand. We almost gave up until Becky decided to just asked her for tickets and the woman gave them to her!

We walked down a red carpet full of photographers and right up to the security area to have our bags checked. I casually make a comment, "They don't do this in the United States." And a voice immediately retorted, "Oh yes they do. They check shoes, bags, everything." I turn to look at the person speaking and it's Anupam Kher! The look on my face must have said everything. I rambled something before going on inside to the elevators which took us to the cinema floor where photographers milled about looking for the stars. Anupam Kher, on seeing me again later, asked "Did you check your bags?" What a clever man, and I had not the wit to reply.

The highlight of the evening for me had to be having a photo with Kirron Kher. Of all Bollywood actresses I've seen, she is one of the few who I think can act. I love her work. I asked her for a photo and she graciously agreed. Afterwhich, I thanked her and told her she looked beautiful. She replied warmly,"Thank you."

Never could I have dreamed that stepping out my apartment for "an adventure" would lead to a night like this. Becky and I were on Cloud Nine.